What is SR&ED

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is a federal government program that encourages research and development by providing tax-based incentives.

By using levy contributions to finance research and development work that benefits Saskatchewan wheat producers, Sask Wheat is able to participate in this program and distribute these tax-based incentives to producers.

The program gives registered wheat producers access to investment tax credits (by means of cash refunds and/or reduction to taxes payable) for their levy contributions that are spent on qualifying research.


SaskBarley has been approved for a SR&ED credit of 17.09% for 2015/2016

Investment tax credits may be claimed by filing form T2038 (IND) for farm individuals or T2SCH31 for farm corporations.

In addition, farm corporations may also claim 17.55% of their levy contributions as a qualifying expenditure towards the Saskatchewan Research and Development Tax Credit program. This credit may be claimed by filing form T2SCH403.

Producers that have requested a refund of their levy are not eligible for either tax credit.

For information on the federal SR&ED investment tax credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.