Cameron Goff – Director Nominee






Cam Goff
306.222.3514 (Cell)

Cameron is running for re-election as a director for SaskBarley because he believes that it is imperative that farmers’ needs are placed first in Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry. Cam is 60 years old, and farms in a family operation in the Hanley area with his two brothers and mother. Four thousand acres are cropped with malt barley, canola, spring and winter wheat, oats, flax, and peas. Cam started farming in 1975, after graduating from Kelsey Institute with a degree in Renewable Resources. In 1984 he married Beverley Fudge, from Moosomin, and they have three grown children.

During his first term Cam says he was privileged to be chosen as chair of the Commission, and worked to establish a farmer-oriented organization. “I ask for your support to continue this work, and ensure that farmers set the agenda, and profit from the work being done by SaskBarley,” says Cam.

Cam’s previous experience as an elected director of the Canadian Wheat Board has helped him to focus on the issues that are important to Saskatchewan’s barley producers. As a CWB director, he sat on the board of the Western Grains Research Foundation. Cam states “this experience has given me a broad knowledge of the grain industry that stretches from the seed we plant to our customers’ final needs. I have carried this experience over to the SaskBarley and in the two years since the elected board took control, SaskBarley has established its organizational foundations and set up its reserve fund. We have striven to work with other producer groups across western Canada to enhance our voice with governments and industry associates.”

Two of the main concerns Cam has worked on as a member of the SaskBarley board have been the on-going transportation problems, and the issue of a farmer-led variety development system. On transportation SaskBarley has partnered with SaskWheat, SaskPulse, and APAS to put forward a position which puts farmers’ unique needs at the forefront. With variety development, Cam and SaskBarley are working with the other western cereal commissions to establish a farmer-led organization which will provide producers with the varieties needed to maintain producers’ place in the world market while still maintaining right to control of the seed. As government support and funding for research into variety development disappears, producers will have to step forward to fill that vacuum. The challenges which face producers are as complex and varied as they are plentiful. Varieties with better yields, disease resistance and other traits which outperform Saskatchewan producers’ competitors’ products, will be crucial to our success.

By democratically working together farmers can extract maximum value from the global marketplace, keeping the wealth in our communities. “I ask for your vote and remind you that it needs to be submitted by December 2nd, 2015. Your support will allow me to devote my time and energy to work on behalf of all farmers in the continuation of the establishment of a farmer-oriented SaskBarley Commission”.