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Producer coalition seeks extension of Bill C-30

The producer coalition made up of the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (Sask Barley), the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat), and the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS), is calling on the federal government to extend the provisions in Bill C-30, the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, past the August 1, 2017 expiration date (should new legislation on the transportation of grain not be passed prior to the House of Commons rising in June).

To support this, the group submitted a letter to Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau this week.

Read the full  letter

Barley SR&ED Credit for 2015/16

SaskBarley has been approved for a SR&ED credit of 17.09% for 2015/2016

What is SR&ED

Farmers who pay check-off to SaskBarley are eligible to earn a federal investment tax credit through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. The tax credit is based on the amount of check-off funds spent on research and development that meet specific criteria set out by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Farmers can calculate their total levy contribution by referring to their barley sales receipts, which show the levy allocation. Of this total, 30% is eligible to earn an investment tax credit. This resulting levy amount is eligible to earn an investment tax credit up to a maximum of 15% for individuals and up to a maximum of 35% for corporations that are considered Canadian controlled private corporations.

For information on the federal SR&ED investment tax credit, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Other Saskatchewan crops are also eligible for SR&ED credits, including pulses, flax, canola and oats. For more information, please visit their respective websites.

SaskBarley November newsletter

Our November newsletter is now available!

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SaskBarley Responds to Recommendations on Grain Transportation in the CTA Review

Today SaskBarley submitted a report to the CTA review, in response to the recommendations contained in Chapter 8.2: Transportation of Grain.

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Wheat and Barley Variety Working Group Reports

SaskBarley is a member of the Wheat and Barley Variety Working Group (WBVWG), which includes several other Western Canadian farm associations. We are all working together to assess and determine the best, long-term path forward for funding variety development programs in Canada.

Last year the Wheat and Barley Variety Working Group enlisted a consultant to explore a range of opportunities for farmer involvement and leadership in wheat and barley variety development in Canada. The result of this project was a report presenting an objective business case analysis of a range of options that would serve this purpose. See the report below.

See executive summary of report

See full report

See report annexes

Western Canadian Barley Producers Invest $2.4 Million in Barley Breeding

Alberta Barley, the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SaskBarley), the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) and the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) are pleased to announce a commitment of more than $2.4 million over five years to the barley variety development program at the University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre (CDC).
“Producers have played an important role in funding barley variety development,” says Dave Sefton, WGRF Board Chair. “Since 1995 producers have invested almost $15 million into barley variety development through the Western Grains Research Foundation. Renewing our agreement with the CDC and having all of the prairie barley commissions and associations investing together is an important step to ensuring producers continue to get good value for their check-offs.”

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SaskBarley will be funding partner for Agriculture Development Fund 2016

Earlier this week, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture put out a call for Letters of Intent (LOI’s) for research funding under the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).

The Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SaskBarley) was not included in the list of ADF funding partners – this was an error. SaskBarley will be an ADF funding partner again for 2016.

We ask all potential applicants to keep this in mind when submitting their ADF funding requests for 2016.

ADF online application

More information about the ADF program

SaskBarley Elects New Chair and Vice Chair

The SaskBarley board has elected Jason Skotheim as Chair and Brent Johnson as Vice chair for 2016.
View the full press release here – SaskBarley Elects Chair Press Release

SaskBarley Announces Results from the Director Election

SaskBarley announces the results of the Director Election.

Cameron Goff and Zenneth Faye have been re-elected and Keith Rueve is joining as a new director.

See full Press Release here – Election Results Press Release

Full election details will be presented at the SaskBarley AGM on January 11, 2016 in Saskatoon.

SaskBarley Hosting Director Elections

A call for nominations to fill three director positions for the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SaskBarley) has resulted in seven nominees, including two nominees seeking re-election.

All nominees are registered barley producers in the province of Saskatchewan. The full list of candidates (in alphabetical order) include:

Zenneth Faye, Foam Lake, SK
Gilbert Ferre, Zenon Park, SK
Daryl Fransoo, Meota, SK
Cameron Goff, Hanley, SK
Leo Howse, Porcupine Plain, SK
Keith Rueve, Muenster, SK
Larry Spratt, Melfort, SK

Read the full Press Release by clicking this link.

Read profiles of the nominees here – SaskBarley Director Nominee Profiles