Grower reminder about pre-harvest products

A reminder for malt barley farmers in Saskatchewan as harvest 2019 begins:

Malt barley treated with glyphosate (i.e. Roundup) and saflufenacil (i.e. Heat) pre-harvest will not be accepted by grain buyers. 

Selectors and buyers of malting barley in Canada require that barley must not have been treated with pre-harvest desiccants, in an effort to uniformly dry the crop, or glyphosate products for controlling perennial weeds.
While individual companies have their own means of enforcing this position, contracts with growers generally state that malting barley shall not have been treated with desiccants or other products such as glyphosate or saflufenacil. Use of these products is not accepted by the malting barley industry in Canada due to the potential for compromised quality such as a reduction in germination capacity.  
Not sure about acceptance for your pre-harvest products?

Check with your buyer. Many Western Canadian buyers and selectors have technical staff to aid farmers with management decisions on how to achieve premium malt quality without using glyphosate, saflufenacil or desiccants, by applying specific practices such as early seeding, manipulating plant population to reduce tillering and increase uniformity, use of swathing, and choosing correct genetics for a specific growing area.

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