Malt Industry

Malt barley is important for Saskatchewan producers and for the national economy. 

According to Statistics Canada, in 2013-14, Canada exported over 1.0 million tonnes of malting barley worth CDN $337 million. Domestically, Canadian brewers use about 300,000 tonnes of malt per year to make over 19 million hectolitres of beer, which generates $5.7 billion in tax revenues each year.

SaskBarley recognizes the importance of malt barley production to the profitably of Saskatchewan producers, and will work strategically with the value chain to ensure that quality malt varieties are available for producers.

CMBTC 2017 Malting Barley Crop Quality Assessment Preliminary Report

Click here to read the full report – CMBTC Preliminary 2017 Malting Barley Crop Quality Assessment