Election outcome

The Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SaskBarley) has announced that the three positions up for election on its Board of Directors have been filled by the three incumbents of these positions, Jason Skotheim of Saskatoon, Brent Johnson of Strasbourg, and Allen Kuhlmann of Vanguard.

The nomination period for these positions closed this past Friday, September 15, at 4PM.

All three of the acclaimed Directors have been serving on the Board since SaskBarley’s first elected Board of Directors took office in January 2014 and are eager to continue making progress in pursuing the organization’s strategic goals.

“Barley growers in Saskatchewan have sent us a message that our Board is on the right track and that no major changes are required,” says Skotheim, who also serves as Board Chair. “We will take this feedback and continue our work to ensure that barley has a strong future as a Saskatchewan crop.”

“One of the areas of particular interest to me is growing the market opportunities for barley as a key feed ingredient,” says Johnson, who also serves as Vice-Chair. “One of my priorities going forward will be to continue to pursue research investments that will explore and confirm the valuable role that barley can play as feed so that we can establish sustainable growth in demand for this crop.”

“One of our greatest challenges for barley is ensuring that growers can continue to profitably grow this crop, and that there is sustainable and diverse demand for it,” says Kuhlmann, who serves as Finance Chair and who brings with him many years’ of experience on other agricultural Boards, including the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission. “This is a long-term endeavor, which I am pleased we will be able to continue to work on with the same committed Directors that helped form SaskBarley’s original strategic plan in 2014.”

For more information, please contact:

Delaney Seiferling
Communications Manager


Please direct any questions related to elections to Returning Officer, Ann Smith, at 306-975-6853.

Questions related to the Commission, the Regulations governing formation of the same or the collection of the levy should be directed to Delaney Seiferling, Communications Manager at 306-250-1099.