Research is a core business function of SaskBarley. Working collaboratively with other commissions and research organizations, SaskBarley seeks to leverage research investment dollars to increase profitability of barley production for Saskatchewan producers.

Program goals

• Increase yield gains and agronomic efficiencies
• Enhance desirable market quality characteristics
• Establish best management practices

Program objectives

• Assess and quantify barley research capacity (in both variety development and agronomy) to fill gaps in information
• Explore future barley research and development paths
• Leverage SaskBarley funds with other organizations to maximize research opportunities and potential

Specific research priorities:


▪ Disease resistance
▪ Fusarium head blight
▪ Cereal leaf diseases
▪ Increased yield
▪ Lodging resistance
▪ Shattering tolerance
▪ Sprouting tolerance


▪ In-crop disease control
▪ Increased yields through better agronomic practices
▪ BMPs for improved selection of malt barley
▪ Improved communication for BMPs to producers

Value-added opportunities

▪ Identify and support barley traits for new or expanded value added markets (malt or feed)
▪ Opportunities and evidence for feed barley profitability and inclusion of barley in livestock rations
▪ Focused deliverables in all markets; higher producer returns require demand

See a list of our current and completed research investments



Photo credit: Gloria Gingeras, University of Saskatchewan