Research is a core business function of the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission. Working collaboratively with other commissions and research organizations, SaskBarley seeks to leverage research investment dollars to increase profitability of barley production for Saskatchewan farmers.

Our research priorities include: yield gains and agronomic efficiency, enhancement of desirable market quality characteristics, and identification of best management practices.

Producer Groups Provide Leadership in Wheat & Barley Breeding

SaskBarley is part of a working group facilitated by the Western Grains Research Foundation to examine opportinities for producer involvement in wheat and barley variety development.

In 2015, the working group engaged JRG Consulting Group to explore a range of opportunities for producer involvement and leadership in wheat and barley variety development. The consultant’s report was recently received by the working group. The report emphasizes the importance of continued and increased public, producer and private industry investment in wheat and barley variety development, and the benefits to producers. The report identifies and evaluates five options for producers to intensify their leadership and realize the benefits of future variety development.

The public reports and press release are available here:

Press Release – Producer Groups Support Wheat Barley Breeding

JRG Consulting Wheat Barley Breeding Executive Summary

JRG Consulting Wheat Barley Breeding Report

JRG Consulting Wheat Barley Breeding Report Annexes


Photo credit: Gloria Gingeras, University of Saskatchewan