Research partners

In order to maximize research opportunities and potential, SaskBarley collaborates with other provincial barley organizations including Alberta Barley and the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association. We also partner with the following organizations:

Barley Council of Canada (BCC)

The BCC is a leader and collaborator for the entire value chain, focused on growing Canada’s barley industry and its profitability. To achieve this, the BCC provides a focused, national approach that enhances the industry though cooperation, collaboration and innovation. BCC also administers the National Barley Cluster.

Through this partnership, SaskBarley is able to support market development initiatives for Canadian barley and represent the Saskatchewan barley industry at a national level when it comes to issues of advocacy, advisory and market development.

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Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI)

The BMBRI is a research institute that aims to help ensure new Canadian malting barley varieties are better for producers and meet the premium standards of BMBRI members and their customers. The BMBRI focuses primarily on pre-commercialization research.

Through this partnership, SaskBarley is able to engage with the malting and brewing industry on end-use quality needs and also to represent the needs of producers in terms of variety development. SaskBarley sits on the BMBRI Technical Committee.

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Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC)

The CMBTC is a s a not-for-profit, independent organization that is funded in part by members of the malting barley and malt industries. It offers support to all components of the Canadian malting barley supply chain through research and development initiatives focused on barley varieties post-registration, and also provides technical services and market development programming for the sector.

Through this partnership, SaskBarley is able to help support market development initiatives for the Canadian barley sector, and is also able to represent producers on issues related to marketing Canadian malting barley.

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Western Grains Research Foundation(WGRF)

WGRF is a producer-funded non-profit organization investing in wheat and barley variety development to benefit Western Canadian producers.

Through this partnership, SaskBarley is able to collaborate in, and leverage funding for large-scale breeding and crop research specific to Western Canada.

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